Rocky:Gary! One Direction  and Justin Beiber are appearing on Shake it up in a week!?

Gary:Yeah. But, not together

Rocky:-Fangirling- oh, Justin's cute short hair-cut

Cece:-Places her hands on Rocky's shoulders- Rocky, stop fangirling.

Rocky:Okay, thanks.

Cece:No probs. -Grins-

Rocky:-Clears her throat- Ehem. Gary where is Justin? (Btw. I hate Justin beiber in real life.)

Gary:Uh, In the lobby downstairs.

Rocky:See ya! -Leaves-

@ the Lobby...

Rocky:-Sees Justin-  -Thinking:Play it cool Rocky-

Rocky:-Walks up to Justin- Um, hi I'm Rocky.

Justin:I'm Justin.

-They shake hands then stop-

Rocky:Yeah. You are...I-I mean..

Justin:It's okay. Be yourself.

Rocky:I-I can't otherwise, when I talk you'll be asleep.

Justin:Let's go have luch.


Justin,Rocky:-Walk off together-

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