After lunch...

Justin:Wanna go out?

Rocky:Yeah -Grins-

Justin:I'm glad. -Grins-

Rocky:Let secret date...too risky?

Justin:A bit. but for you...okay... but, I'll pick you up at 7pm tonight


Later with Cece...

Rocky:-Enters- Hey,Hey,Hey! -Grins

Cece:Hey! -Grins- do anything?

Rocky:-Thinking:Yeah I am going out with Justin-  -Lies- No

Cece:But, you went to the lobby to go see Justin.

Rocky:-Lying- Yeah, but he wasn't there. So, I bought some lunch and ate it... (She will keep lying)C

Cece:Oh, but, when I called you never answered your phone.

Rocky:I accidently turned it off.

Cece:But, Ty said "Rocky never turns her phone off." when I asked him about that.

Rocky:I don't. I just remembered it died and I charged it. Gary let me use his phone charger. Yeah

Cece:Gary doesn't let people use his-----

Rocky:-Cuts her off- I need to go bye! -Leaves quickly-

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