Cece:Rocky, come back!

Cece:-Get a text- it's from rocky! -Reads the text out loud- Cece,  I'm running away tell, Ty my mom and dad I love them...I was dating Justin, I'm sorry I lied  to you we broke up 3 hours ago I don't wanna see him so..bye.

Justin:Rocky, Cece read me your text we did not break up!

Rocky:I know, I know but we're secret dating so...

Justin:No we're not, we were but not anymore. It's over. -Walks away-

Rocky:-Places one hand on one of Justin's shoulders-

Justin:-Stops walking-

Rocky:Look, I know you don't mean that. you don't want us to be over...

Justin:-Removes Rocky's hand from his shoulder.- Yes, I do. -Runs off and dissapears into the crowed.-

Rocky:J-Justin -collasps to the ground and faints in disbelief-

      • (That means next Scene.)

Howie:(A paramedic) hurry!

Flora:(Another paramedic): We're almost in the room.

Paramedics:-Wheel her in the room-

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