@ Ally's place...

Ally:-Sitting on the couch-

Austin:Don't run away.

Ally:You guys are crazy.

Trish:You're crazy.

Austin:Trish! we're gonna be nice welcome back gifts to Ally.

Trish:Then I'm not a gift.

Ally:-Runs to the door-

Austin:-Picks her up and puts her on the couch- (Austin puts her next to Trish)

Ally:Wanna play Wii?

Dez,Austin:Yeah! Wii party?

Ally:Yeah, I have it.


-Everyone playing Wii party- (Trish and Ally are friends again, best friends)

Ally:-Spins around but falls-

Austin,Trish,Dez:-Hear a Thud, see Ally on the floor- Ally!

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