All 3:(Dez,Trish,Austin) Ally remember us!

Ally:Sorry bye.

All 3:-Tackle Ally-


All 3:Sorry! -get off of her-

Trish:You can't leave, you work here, your dad own this store, Sonic Boom!

Ally: I don't work here bye. -Leaves-


Ally:-gets a text- Austin Moon who's this? -Replies:Who are you?-

Austin:-Text her:Meet me at the food court


@ The food court...

-Sees austin sitting at a table-

Ally:-Walks over to him- Um, Whose Austin Moon?

Austin:Me. Sit accross from me

Ally:Oh,Okay -Sits accross from Austin-


Trish,Dez:-Sit next to Austin-

Ally:This is weird. -Stands up-

Trish:-Reaches over,grabs her arm- Stay.

Ally:-Sits back down-

Trish:-Stops reaching over-

Ally:Bye. -Run off-

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