Later @ Sonic Boom...

Dallas:Ally! -grins-


Dallas:I know you're over me...

Ally:Yes I am.

Dallas:But I still have feelings for you.

Ally:Yeah, well I used to like you but that was in the past. Sorry, I'm over you.

Dallas:Oh...well, you may change your mind and if you do let me know...

Ally:Thanks, but I like another boy-

Dallas:I like your new hair-style it's a bit more curly with caramel highlights.

Ally:Thanks. -Grins- Austin never told me that..

Dallas:Well, I guess I'm the first then.

Ally:-blushes- Yeah you are... Austin, Trish and Dez left in case you can here to see them by the way.

Dallas:I came here to see you to tell you that I still like you remember?

Ally:Oh yeah! -grins- Wanna get some pizza?

Dallas:Yeah. -puts his arm around Ally-


Ally,Dallas:-Leave Sonic boom with Dallas's arm still around Ally-

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